Los Angeles Art Association LAAA-Logois proud to present 4 solo exhibitions by artists Lola Del Fresno, Colleen M. Kelly, Billy Pacak and Peter Walker. The exhibitions opened on Saturday, June 27 at Gallery 825 and remail on view though July 24.

“Together”- at the same time; simultaneously. Without intermission or interruption; continuously; uninterruptedly. Into or in union, proximity, contact, or collision.

Lola Del Fresno‘s ambitious TO-GET-HER– Is a defragmentation of the morphology of the city and a psychological study of the multiplicity of realities, exploring the integration of the landscape in the urban environment and the human figure in relation to these spaces.

Naked Under Her Clothes is Colleen M. Kelly‘s solo exhibition of monotypeswith Chine Collé. This body of work is the felicitous outcome of Kelly’s need to comply with a nudity ban at a civic art gallery. A long time advocate for public art and a community art activist, Kelly found a clever way to incorporate and defy the ban. She “dressed” her figures with pieces of vintage dress making patterns via a printmaking technique, Chine Collé. With this process the image of the nude figure incised in the printing plate is printed on top of the dress cut-out.

The resulting printed image is as if the dress were transparent. Kelly, while delighted with the clever work-around that solved the problem, found more thematic implications as she continued with the series. Feminism, woman’s crafts, the tyranny of fashion and puritanical notions of beauty all inform this potent work.

Billy Pacakemploys the oldest sculptural technique – carving a block of wood with a sharp tool in his compelling new body of workLuddite.

Pacak investigates the relationship between man and the natural world and also also between man and himself. Figurative sculptures and reliefs convey the artist absolute mastery of his chosen medium and reveal the full promise of contemporary wood carving.

Peter Walker‘s new series of figurative works Their Spaceexplores the concept of modernity and the often momentary, associations that will eventually, and usually, quickly dissolve. This transitory occurrence can lead to dislocation and generalizations but it can also lead to unexpected newness.

Walker looks for people and situations on the periphery for his content with the goal of making the unfamiliar, familiar; to making the transitory permanent; and to making the random encounter documented. It is the interaction and association that is of paramount concern to the artist, not the context or environment. 

When: Saturday, June 27, 6 to 9p  (runs throughJuly 24, 2015

Where: Gallery 825, 825 N. La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Admission: Free