Exemplary stories in a line-up of top caliber films utilizing the latest in digital technology will compete for a grand prize at 6th Annual The New Media Film Festival Los Angeles CA June 9 & 10, 2015

As its name suggesNewMediaFilmFestival-Logo-bg525x375-quarets, The New Media Film Festival now celebrating its sixth year in the state of the art Landmark Theater 10850 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90064 is at the nexus of what can best be defined as a film festival for the 21st Century. Set to unspool June 9 and 10 2015. Innovative programming, engaging panels and events are in store for festival goers. The NMFF has earned its acclaim as the earliest event of its type to embrace all the latest delivery platforms and cinematic technology while ‘honoring stories worth telling.”

New Media Film Festival is known as a ‘must attend’ forum for emerging and established filmmakers. Film fans are given a in depth symposium on what the future holds in the way of cinema and entertainment while distributors can preview content that might otherwise never see the inside of another theater.

The stellar programming includes stories about UFO’s, Nuclear Blasts, Fantasy, Cosplay, Dirt Biking, Xmas, B26, 3D gems, nature, technical mashups, hand drawn animation, 3D, IPhone captured first person romance. hipsters, entrepreneurs, prisoners, kittens in a cage, dating, science, monsters, floods, pirate fishing, wine, bullying, transgender, shark extinction, Asperger’s, chickens, Mr. rogers, Marilyn Monroe childhood home, bumblebees, bootlegging, getting engage, raising a family, tree houses and music from all over the world to name a few.

Lead talent from your favorite films and TV shows: Spy Kids 3, Perfect Storm, Seinfeld, Superman 3, Boardwalk Empire to name a few. Repeat filmmakers, 1st time filmmakers, HBO, Univision and Disney folks as well as Classic TV Stars Dick Van Dyke and Academy Award Winners and Emmy Winners are participating in the 6th Annual New Media Film Festival.

See image: courtesy of New Media Film Festival, Pilot, World Premiere Grand Prize Winners 2014. L to R: Jennifer Law-Stump, Joe di Gennaro, David Stump ASC, Cary Harrison, Robert Scott Crane, Christopher Sweeney, Zoe Taylor, Brittany Slattery

CJune9-10-lowres-NewMedia-FilmFest-ecurioshop-Grandprizeon-redcarpetountries participating the festival this year are: US, Netherlands, Iceland, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Japan, China, Australia, Colombia, UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Macau, Poland & Germany.

There are an unprecedented amount of premieres this year: World 27, US 10, LA 17

Tickets are reasonable from $15 a session to $35 for Opening night including a VIP Wine & Cheese Soiree.

What: New Media Film Festival
Where: Landmark Theater, 10850 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90064
When: June 9 (6pm-11pm) and June 10 (9am-10pm) see website for schedule
Website: www.NewMediaFilmFestival.com