Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICA LA) offers a new conversation series. Possible Futures: Developing Plural Practices in Contemporary Visual Art Public Programs offers artists a unique insight into the future role an artist can play in the art world.

Below is info from  ICA LA:
Though the most commonly recognized professional roles for artists are gallery representation and teaching, these models’ availability and stability are increasingly precarious. The weight of the global coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic crisis has added new depth to this insecurity, and the recent social justice uprising has led to questions around artists’ professional ambitions in relation to their personal values. These and other cultural shifts are leading artists to consider new ways to make and share their work while meeting their financial needs and deepening their connections to their communities.

In this pair of events conceived by Virginia Broersma, artist and founder of The Artist’s Office, and Corrina Peipon, artist and independent consultant, and developed in conjunction with Asuka Hisa, ICA LA’s Director of Learning and Engagement, we will discuss the role of self-determination in developing models of visual art practice that expand our understanding of what a sustainable, resilient career in contemporary art can look like.

These 2-hour events will take place on zoom and will unfold in two parts: 1. Moderated panel discussion with three artist guests; 2. Breakout groups in which attendees can discuss the topics addressed in the panel, share knowledge, and receive conversational feedback about current or developing plural practices.

Session 1, July 22 from 4-6pm features artists Mandy Harris Williams, Programming Director at Women’s Center for Creative Work and Bari Ziperstein, founder of BZippy & Co.

Session 2 on July 29 from 4-6pm features artists Eva Aguila, co-founder of Coaxial Arts Foundation; Debra Scacco, founder of the Artist in Residence program at the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator; and Devon Tsuno, activist, educator, and founder of Praxis Studio at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills.

Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICA LA);