Tierra Del Sol Gallery presents “Architecting California,” a unique group exhibition highlighting five artists from five California nonprofit art studio programs; Creative Growth, Creativity Explored, Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF), National Institute of Art & Disabilities (NIAD) and Tierra del Sol. The artists and programs included in Architecting California show connectivity through creativity across the state’s expansive and diverse surroundings.

Maria Kim, Untitled 5, Acrylic on paper, 20.5 x 26, 2019

The five artists included in this show; Sylvia Fragoso, Dan Hamilton, Maria Kim, Michael LeVell and Evelyn Reyes, have unique practices, use different materials, work at different studios and live in different cities. All variances meet at the conjuncture of the architectural influences that help define California’s aesthetic and civil landscape.

The five artists featured in Architecting California contribute to important aesthetic considerations about the fundamental roles that art and architecture have in human and environmental life. From Grafton Tyler Brown’s 19th century mapping and landscape paintings to Ed Rushca’s text works, California art making has long examined these critical relationships and provided significant visual language about its relevance in bridging the past and future. This exhibition demonstrates that these artists and the studios that support them have a vital stake in how we understand and structure our world.

On view: July 10 – September 4, 2021; Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 3pm;

What: “Architecting California”
Where: Tierra Del Sol Gallery, 945 Chung King Road, LA, 90012

Phone: 213-625-0935
Website: http://tierradelsolgallery.org