Peripheral Space is pleased to present “Meet You at the Garden Gate,” a group exhibition curated by Katie Hector and Adam Sabolick which features the work of Christian Franzen, Kim Garcia, Michael Harnish, Lauren Luloff, Sangram Majum dar, Dustin Metz, JD Olerud, Keisha Prioleau Martin, Jason Stopa, and Kemar Keanu Wynter. 

“Meet You at the Garden Gate” is Peripheral Space’s inaugural exhibition which explores a spectrum of diverse perspectives and contemporary approaches to making. The garden gate, a metaphorical boundary, imbeds itself within the imagination cultivating visions of a secret meeting place at a liminal location. 

Blending moments of reverie, introspection, and transformation, the works included within this exhibition are similar to companion plants symbiotically nurturing each other. Like the invisible impetus that urges a dormant seed to burst forth and grow, this collection of work denotes both the seen and unseen complexities of life and making. In this space, the gallery becomes fertile ground to meander through, cross-pollinate ideas with one another and bring the fruits of one’s labor to market. 

Upon entering the gallery, visitors will engage with formal and conceptual methods of image and object making that utilize aspects of drawing, painting, and sculpting. From gestural abstraction to image-based renderings, Meet You at the Garden Gate surveys contemporary conversations and artistic investigations. 

On view: July 3 – July 27, 2021; Gallery Hours: Thursday – Sunday 12-6 Viewing By Appointment 

What: “Meet You at the Garden Gate,” group exhibition
Where: Peripheral Space, 961 Chung King Road, LA