Artbug Gallery presents “Equivalentes Concrete Predictions,” curated by Salomón Huerta, featuring the art of Francesco X. Sequeiros, and Emmett Walsh.  The gallery will host an opening reception on January 15, from 5-9pm. Masks and social distancing required. Be sure to check the gallery’s website for its safety guidelines and vaccine mandates.

Here is  info on the exhibition from the gallery:
Sound=text=image=economy=rhythm= simultaneity=colour=mathematics. The still lifes and objects painted are from my studio or plein air drawing – a “neutral” setting. From here, areas of the painting are isolated and evaluated to find an equivalent number, colour, letter, sound or movement. The idea is that the equivalent “repeats” the same composition through a different lens/language/sense. The presence that emanates from a face, finds an equivalent, abstracted in a specific other, which is an extension of my interest in synesthesia – when you experience one of your senses through another. A kind of cubism that relies on various conceptual inputs to describe what is being studied. With a false expectation of being a universal code of meaning, the intention is experimental and looks for applications in empirical observation.

On view: January 15 2022 – February 6, 2022

What: “Equivalentes Concrete Predictions,” Francesco X. Sequeiros, Emmett Walsh
Where: Artbug Gallery, 2441 Hunter Street, Unit B, LA, 90023