Art makes for an incredible gift, it’s original and depending on the image, can be santa claus wearing his red and white suit holding a laptop computerquite nostalgic and personal. So if you have not yet found that perfect gift for your special someone. Here are a few ideas. Below the work of several artists is featured. I’ve asked some artists what they think about giving the gift of art this holiday season.

Artist Brooke Harker is always on the go. Harker’s art was just featured in LAAA’s 2013 Open Show which runs through January 10th. See our Artists & Exhibitions Page for more details about the show. Her work will also on view through December 31st at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery in Santa Monica. She currently has ten paintings on canvas as well as over fifty works on paper at the gallery. This talented artist sold one of her pieces within one hour of dropping it off at the gallery. Depending on your budget, there is a wide variety of options. For more information, see the Artists & Exhibitions Page and visit Harker’s website for a wide range of gift choices.

VeBrookeHarker VeniceCanalnice Canal 3, by Brooke Harker
Dimensions: 9.25″ x 12″ with an additional 2.75″ matte
Medium: Ink, watercolor pencil & watercolor on paper
Price: $312

“Art is one of my favorite gifts to give and has been since I was a little girl, says Harker. “There is something so meaningful about making art for loved ones or purchasing art to share.

See one of her originals on paper. Harker explains, “Paper works are from my “Excursions” collection which means all of them are done live on location around the world. I often using the water from the location such as the ocean, rivers, or a puddle to complete the painting.” Prices for her original works on paper range from $10-$425.

Rock photographer Nick Busco toured with legendary acts as part of a road crew in the late 70s. While on tour, he captured close up shots of rock icons such as Freddy Mercury, Bonnie Raitt, Rod Stewart and more.

“TFreddieMercury1-2his Freddie Mercury image was taken in 1978, the New of the World Tour, recalls Busco. This was my first tour with the band, as part of the road crew. I had seen the show many times by now, and what I saw, as Freddie posed for the fans and the colors of light reflected off him, ‘was a moment’. At this particular concert there was this great energy from Freddie, the band, and the audience, I could feel it. So I grabbed my camera, waited, and shot. I knew this moment was coming up.

Everyone’s got a different view on giving art. Photography in particular can brng back fond memories shared between friends. Busco explains, “It can bring an emotion out, a reminder of a time, place or feeling, and can be very personal. Giving art to someone is a gift that will last forever. Nick Busco also has many other incredile photographs of James Taylor and Carly Simon, Tom Petty, Rod Stewart, Toots, from Toots and The Maytals and many more.

Freddie Mercury  8″ x 10″ included boarders
Framed $45.00 (image size 8 x 5.2) or an unframed version is available at $30.00.

Be sure to check out Nick Busco’s website for more info, images and prices.

holly-leaves-2Artist Sona Mirzaei explains why she thinks art is a great gift… “Infinity of Love was commissioned and created for a lovely couple recently who just celebrated their anniversary. They wanted a piece that would radiate their love for each other and have sentimental value yet also be in my signature style with details, texture, depth and dimensional. We worked closely to get the colors right for their home and still made it fun and a beautiful piece of artwork.

SONA MIrzaei InfinityofLove-2See image: Sse image: by Sona Mirzaei, Infinity of Love, Medium: mixed media, spray paint, acrylic, oil, metal leafing, varnish, and tissue paper 2013 – Dimensions: 36×48

“Art is a great gift because it last forever,” insists Sona. “Jewelry, clothing, material items can be purchased anytime but to have a great piece of work that can live on for eternity is priceless. Especially if a piece has been privately commissioned for a particular person that has their interest, themes, and subject matter created and suited for this special person is wonderful! I can’t image a better gift than the uniqueness and elegance of art. Even if you buy a piece work that has already been made, to gift art is a magical thing and it keeps culture alive and at its best. It is a great to think out of the box and do something very cool for someone if you want to give a memorable gift. There is something sophisticated, worldly and refining about art in its entirety and that should always be cherished.”

CharliedeMar betweentwoworlds-35x35Artist Charlie deMar offers many great gift options. Here’s one, “Between Two Worlds”($1,200 – framed).

deMar had a successful career in the motion picture business as a comp artist.

Over the years, he created many well known movie posters. He now is a full time painter. “I feel Art makes a beautiful gift. Unique and forever,” says deMar.

See the artist’s website to view many other paintings