Fiesta Hermosa returns on Memorial Day weekend with all of its favorite treasured features…AND MORE! Be sure to check the website as there are new stages, and some have been moved around. This is all because the Fiesta Hermosa Memorial Day Weekend event is always a good time. I love it! There will be a family-fun area with food, lemonade, activities, nonprofits and big rides! CLICK HERE to find out more about other events taking place over Memorial Day Weekend.

Enjoy Makers Mercado with over 200 amazing vendors, several brand activations, and a Shop Fest pop-up right in the heart of Fiesta! Visit the website for more info on participating vendors, and of course a full line up of musical acts. This year the festival features four stages – the beach stage, Java stage, garden man stage and the carnival stage.

For 50 years plus, Fiesta Hermosa has been filling the beach town’s streets with art, music, and fun. Fiesta de las Artes, as it was originally named, celebrated artisan culture and welcomed visitors from all around to the beach to shop and enjoy the art. For more than a decade, Fiesta Hermosa has been known as Southern California’s largest beachside arts and craft festival. But we in Hermosa like to think of Fiesta simply as a treasured tradition.

The Chamber of Commerce has a long legacy of organizing community events in the City of Hermosa Beach. In the 1930’s the Chamber of Commerce held their first event titled the Fiesta de las Artes over 4th of July weekend for 3 days until midnight every night. The event consisted of festivities and products made by local arts and crafts artists.

The free all-day Memorial weekend event takes place from Pacific Coast Highway to the south side of the Pier on the beach; If  you are interested in VIP tickets, check the website.

CLICK HERE for a full schedule; Visit the website for more info…the new location of all the stages, visual art and vendors –