In Malibu, there’s a wonderful exhibition currently on view at Malibleu Gallery. The group exhbit entitled “LIFE” is curated by Nina Herzog.

TheSat-Feb1-Malibleu show features the work of artists Robert Standish, Tom Savage, Jill McDonell, Richie Niles Pollock and Julie Okah. Be sure to pop by Malibleu Gallery and celebrate the diversity and creativity of local artists.

Curator Nina Herzog explains how she selected the work for the show.  “As I selected pieces for this Malibleu exhibit, I was drawn to artists who have a story about how their art has come into being and enhanced their own life. I was also looking for paintings with dynamic energy. For instance, Tom Savage is a cancer survivor whose paintings are filled with his life’s experience.  Richie Niles Pollock has spent much of his life performing music for children, which shines into his playful and imaginative art. Julie Okah’s art came to her in the midst of traveling the world as a violin virtuoso. She describes her inspiration to begin painting as a religious calling. Jill McDonell, a local practicing attorney, with no prior sculpting experience, found herself envisioning sculptures in her mind; she now devotes herself to turning these visions into something we can all enjoy.  Robert Standish credits his surroundings as a major source of inspiration. He says that Malibu “serves as a reminder of the beauty within us and around us,” which is precisely what is so inspiring about the Malibleu Gallery. Local artists reflect the beauty of the space they inhabit, helping us all to expand our appreciation for the place we live.”

-Nina Herzog
Curator Malibleu Gallery, Malibu, CA

SeJillMcDonnellat-Malibleue image of artist Jill McDonell with her breathtaking sculptures. Truly amazing work.

On view: February 1st – March 2nd

What: Opening reception
Where: Malibleu Gallery, 21201 Pacific Coast Hwy. @ Las Flores Canyon, in the Cosentino’s Center