Skidmore Contemporary Art celebrates new exhibitions “A Palimpsest of Time and Place,” and “Sunshine Muse” featuring artists Jennifer Bain and Terry Leness. An opening reception took place on December 9, 2017.
Dec9-2017-Skidmore-JenniferBain-Floater-2017Acryliconpanel-6x16 copy

Jennifer Bain, Floater ,2017, Acrylic on panel, 16″ x 16″

Artist Jennifer Bain said her new work is a translation of the emotional states that she experienced after relocating from California to New Mexico, to an altered lifestyle as a recent widow. “I’ve paid close attention to the shifts in my energy and consciousness created by these changes. The landscape of New Mexico influences my painterly space and the forms I use. The paintings reveal the layers and mysteries of the land and skies, where the distant mountain ranges read as flat shapes with hard and soft edges, presenting simultaneously an unfathomable illusion of depth and lack of depth. Shifting light sources from clouds and high altitude create implausible colors, and an odd or indiscernible focal point.”

Terry Leness says her work is all about sunlight, the play of light on objects, the varying degrees of contrast between light and shadow, and deep, saturated color. “Long shadows cast by buildings, window reflections, and pockets of darkness under eaves and in doorways all capture my attention.”

Terry Leness, Full Steam Ahead, 2016, Oil on canvas, 15″ x 30″

Where: Skidmore Contemporary Art, Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Avenue, B-4, Santa Monica, 90404
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