TAG Gallery is delighted to share the works of artists Michael Burnham, Gianna Vargas, and Garo Ourfalian. Their upcoming solo exhibits opened in early August 2020. Visit TAG’s website and social  media for updates on opportunities to view the works virtually and in person. Please call TAG Gallery for viewing opportunities when Stay Home orders are lifted at (310) 829-9556.

Michael Burnham: “Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously”
This artist has mastered the art of leaning into accepting the concept of personal responsibility, finding meaning and purpose within his life. Burnham applies these principles to his practice as well, photographing his subjects from unique and interesting angles, inserting a sense of child-like inquisitiveness in each composition.

Gianna Vargas: “Shelter at Home”
In creating the paintings for this show, Vargas strove to create beautiful artwork that is both dynamic and optimistic. “My technique for these paintings was to use layer and abstraction to create amorphous organic shapes that draw in the viewer and allow them to escape into color.” She works with ASOH, an organization that supports foster youth as they transition into independent housing by transforming empty apartments into beautiful homes.100% of net proceeds will be donated to ASOH.

Garo Ourfalian: “0 to 1”
Ourfalian utilizes oil paints and mark making in an effort to investigate and traverse the powerful ability of art to shift our consciousness and emotional state. As such, this work is aimed at molding the viewers sensibilities into what it is they so desire to receive from within. Whether it be broadening our perspectives or finding value in the unexpected, the intent is to reach uncharted territories.

Contact the gallery to view these exhibitions on view thru September 5, 2020; (310) 829-9556; TAG Gallery, 5458 Wilshire Blvd, LA, 90036; https://www.taggallery.net/