All types of media is currently being accepting for ART in LA afFAIR 2018 – the inaugural boutique art fair presented by AC Gallery from Friday, August 17th – Sunday, August 19th, 2018. ART in LA afFAIR will showcase independent, emerging artists presenting solo projects and works with an emphasis on contemporary fine art in all media including painting, sculpture, photography with editioned prints and unique merchandise also available to the public. A maximum of 30 artists will be accepted on a rolling basis to exhibit during the art fair at AC Gallery LA.
Art fairs are one of the primary platforms where galleries, curators and collectors “discover” their artists. It is an opportunity for an artist to meet future art partners, further strengthen their careers and have direct feedback about their work from the global art world.

AC Gallery, based in Hollywood, California offers a bridge between talented, soon to be discovered contemporary artists with the established global art market. For more information about AC Gallery please visit

Contemporary artists specializing in abstract, conceptual, urban, street, pop art genres utilizing any media (e.g. painting, photography, etc.) are welcome to apply. Due to a high demand among artists and the volume of applicants for AC Gallery boutique art fairs, a strong curatorial vision in the selection process is expected.

Apply at: *Applications close on Tuesday, July 31st 2018. Successful applicants will be notified promptly after a curatorial review is conducted. Tell them LAArtParty sent you!