At Bergamot StationGalerie XII Los Angeles presents Abyss Blue by Carole Azuar the first exhibition by the artist in the United States. Michael Lee Jackson’s Being There also opened. Both show runs through August 31, 2023. 


Abyss Blue Carole Azuar

Carole Azuar (France) is a celebrated neurologist and researcher. She has found inspiration in bringing together her two passions: scuba diving and photography. The artist began to photograph the underwater world in 2005. Ever since, she has navigated back and forth across the world’s seas and oceans, capturing stunning, poetic images of the abyss.

These underwater shots are almost all taken in extreme conditions, at depths beyond a hundred and fifty feet below the surface. Thus at these depths, the world is entirely blue. The exhibition ABYSS BLUE offers an eternal variation around a single color, giving off an amazing impression of peace.

Abyss Blue Carole Azuar

Abyss Blue Carole Azuar

Beyond a depth of some sixty feet the colors disappear, only the blue remains. But what blue? From cobalt to Klein blue, from turquoise to Prussian blue, an eternal variation around a single color, giving off an amazing impression of peace. Carole Azuar invites us to accompany her on this journey in a world so close and yet so foreign.

Being There by Michael Lee Jackson

Also opening is  Being There by Michael Lee Jackson. An additional art party will be held from 6-9pm. Michael’s work is a celebration of nature, wilderness,  animals, people and places and the stories they  tell.

About Galerie XII

Galerie XII Los Angeles was founded by Valerie-Anne Giscard d’Estaing in 2018, following the debut of Galerie XII Paris in 2007. The editorial line of Galerie XII centers on contemporary narrative photography. Its programming opens to emergent artists on the art scene exploring new frontiers between photography and other art forms such as performance, installations, sculpture, and/or new media. The gallery organizes five or six solo exhibitions each year and participates in several art fairs.

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On view: June 24, 2023 – August 31, 2023

What: New Exhibitions
Where: Galerie XII, Bergamot Station, #B2, 2525 Michigan Ave., SM, 90405
When: Running thru August 31, 2023