Pablo Bogdan Gallery debuts a group exhibition titled Abstraction in Perspective. An opening art party was held on September 8, 2023. Not to worry if you missed the opening, the show runs through October 14, 2023.

Abstraction in Perspective

The group exhibition delves into the interplay between perspective, abstraction, and the viewer’s interpretation. In a world where every individual perceives reality through their unique lens, the concept of perspective becomes a powerful tool for artistic exploration.

Abstraction in Perspective challenges traditional artistic norms, inviting observers to actively engage with the artwork, infusing their own experiences and emotions to give meaning to each piece. The heart of the show lies in its emphasis on visitor engagement.

Abstraction in Perspective Artists

Viewers can only reveal USA artist Fletcher Smith‘s pieces at one exact angle; otherwise, they appear distorted or nonexistent. Smith’s exhibit features paintings that completely change depending on where you stand. Viewing it head-on, is an abstract form, however, form an angle, the image comes clear and literally looks like a photograph.

Abstraction in Perspective also includes artists Martina Kalevich from Kazakhstan, Eduardo Hoffmann from Argentina, Rocio Garcia from Mexico and Gagik Vardanyan from Armenia. All pieces acknowledge the infinite ways in which observers connect with art. In addition, the exhibition celebrates diversity of human experiences. As visitors navigate through the space, they not only witness artistic expressions but also become integral contributors to the ongoing narrative of each piece.

About Pablo Bogdan Art Gallery

Based in LA, California, the Pablo Bogdan Art Gallery features US as well as Latin American artists from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, etc. It also represents the IBEX MASTERS Collection.

On view: September 8, 2023 – October 14, 2023; Wed to Sat 11am to 5pm, Appointments are required

What: Into the Light, Moises Ortiz, Fabián Burgos
Where: Pablo Bogdan Art Gallery, 3505 W Pico Blvd., LA 90019
When: Running through October 14, 2023

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