Morán Morán presents a group exhibition titled This American Life. The gallery hosted an opening art party on September 8, 2023. The exhibition runs through October 28, 2023. 

This American Life

Dena Yago, Bets Hedged 2023, acrylic and inkjet on canvas, 54 x 80 inches, courtesy of the artist and JTT, New York

This American Life

This exhibition explores how stories are conjured, communicated, and related to lived experience. These narratives carry the weight of race, as well as gender, and sexuality. Artists include: Lizzie Fitch, Calvin Marcus, Borna Sammak, Martine Syms, Ryan Trecartin, Robin F. Williams, and Dena Yago.

This American Life Artworks 

The artworks on view can be seen through the filter of language and media. Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin’s work deftly reflects emerging cultural shifts that represent changes in the perception of collective value systems – forming new understandings and revealing new meanings. Robin F. Williams refigures the form to build a new way of picturing, generously intervening into pop culture and cultivating multilayered narratives that challenge the viewer. Martine Syms offers a visual memoir of contemporary American life, exploring the power of the gesture, and embedded assumptions concerning gender and racial inequities.

Morán Morán

Established in 2008, Morán Morán focuses on exhibitions of contemporary art, representing emerging and mid-career artists as well as presenting historical material. Since its early years, the gallery has supported exploration and collaboration. It has invited curators and artists to conceive exhibitions, performances, and happenings to expand programming beyond the traditional gallery model. These endeavors imprinted a freeform and experimental identity early on, in addition to establishing a history of discovery, which serves as the gallery’s foundation. The gallery encourages all artists to experiment within their practice. It also offers the public to engage with work that is both accessible and rigorous, with a firm conviction toward inclusivity and diversity.

On view: September 8, 2023 – October 28, 2023

What: This American Life
Where: Morán Morán, 641 N Western Ave., LA 90004
When: Running through October 28, 2023

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