SoCharlieDeMar JNA show2me people are born to be waiters and some are born to be cooks. Charlie deMar was born to be an artist. And what an artist he has become. Mostly through trial and error, over the past three decades, this self-taught raw talent has turned out quite an impressive body of work.

Beginning as a movie poster illustrator at a very young age, he spent the next twenty years developing his skills and evolving into a really special talent. Through hard work and perseverence, this man is focused, and nearly unstoppable in his quest to create the best and most original work in the Los Angeles area.

He actually wants to make a name for himself in the gallery scene here, and this reporter is inclined to agree.” The guy can do it all…..any technique he wants to create….he does, and well.” He refuses to be pigeon holed into repetitive styles and subject matter which have brought some criticism from the critics. Charlie deMar the artist doesn’t think that way. He believes every painting is it’s own creation. He doesn’t paint a series of the same paintings because he is expected to. He paints what he wants, and only what he wants. He is the artist. That is the way it is, and that is the way it should be. If his audience likes his work – great.
If the audience buys his work – even better. But this artist will always answer to himself first.

ThCharliedeMar image 57nwilde 53 year old acrylic painter is making a ripple on the Westside art scene that will probably turn into something much bigger before too long.

He just sold two very large realism paintings for a good price, and there is buzz around town that his upcoming show ( Nov. 16th opening ) should be more than interesting. It will include twenty five original pieces. I recommend seeing this brilliant exhibit while it’s in town. The show will be a success because Charlie deMar is a success.

For more information on Charlie deMar, see his website at

What: Opening reception
Where: JNA Gallery, Bergamot Station, (D-4), 2525 Michigan Ave., SM
When: On view through Nov 30th
Phone: 310.315.9502