There are many suggestions that the doctors and scientists offer us on how to deal with the stress of life during Corona. Here are a few of my favorites. Yes music and art is healing, but everyone of us deals with stress differently.

Photo by Kathy Leonardo

If you know me, you know I have tons of energy, I thrive on deadlines and like to push myself. However, when I get overwhelmed, I stop, and look inward and take time to be still. During this time, I find myself doing this often. I love to take walks in my own neighborhood. Just yesterday, I noticed a stillness around me. I stopped and stood in the silence. I love to take photos of flowers…its a perfect time, everything is blooming.

Kelly McGonigal is a Health psychologist. Enjoy this ted talk about how to deal with stress. Of course meditation is another.

Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe knows best about the rewards of meditation. Starting his journey in his twenties, he went on to create Headspace in 2010 with the help of co-founder, Rich Pierson. You can enjoy two weeks for free during the health crisis. Find out more on the website –

One of my all time favorites is Deepak Chopra, who often collaborates with Oprah (another favorite). I was introduced to meditation probably about 20 plus years ago by watching the Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah brought Deepak on the show, and he introduced a simple meditation practice that the public could do ten minutes a day. It stuck with me to this day. This introduction to sitting still would become a saving grace in my life.

Photo by Kathy Leonardo

Of course many people work out their stress on a run or some sort of rigorous exercise. One of my close friends swears getting her entire family to do a jigsaw puzzle helps the entire family.Whatever it is, find something that helps, and create a set time or a routine doing it. I have been enjoying zoom parties and face-time with friends and family.

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