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On View thru June 4, 2022: Von Lintel Gallery, Mark Sheinkman, Joseph Minek

2022-06-05T16:14:34+00:00By |Past Events|

Von Lintel Gallery presents two new exhibitions - “Mark Sheinkman: New Work,” and “Rewind” by Joseph Minek. The gallery hosted an artist reception on April 23, 2022, but the art show will remain on view through June 4, 2022. Remember to

On View thru May 8, 2021: Von Lintel Gallery, Chuck Kelton, Joseph Minek

2021-05-10T20:28:21+00:00By |Past Events|

Von Lintel Gallery premieres “Chemistry”and Light,” which brings together the work of Chuck Kelton and Joseph Minek—two artists who practice versions of camera-free photography. They each elect instead to work directly with the raw materials of darkroom practice—paper, chemicals, lightbulbs—generating unique monoprints.

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