Sorry But Not Sorry, curated by Grace Kim features the art of IAMAUGIERAY, Mikki 100, and JuJu. The opening art party will be held in the open-air courtyard of BlackMarket on Sawtelle Boulevard on September 30, 2023 from 5-9pm. The exhibition runs through October 29, 2023. See below to RSVP for the FREE event.

Sorry But Not Sorry

Sorry But Not Sorry

Sorry But Not Sorry is more than an art exhibition, it is a celebration of the unapologetic spirit. This attitude is what drives artists to break free from the confines of convention. IAMAUGIERAY, Mikki 100, and JuJu each contribute their unique narratives and creative visions to an artistic tapestry that reflects the diversity of experiences, identities, and perspectives within our society. As visitors walk through the exhibition, they are invited to explore the power of unapologetic expression and engage in a dialogue that transcends traditional boundaries. Sorry But Not Sorry challenges us to reimagine art’s role in our lives, igniting conversations that resonate long after the exhibition’s close.

IAMAUGIERAY: Unveiling the Journey

From a young age, IAMAUGIERAY embarked on a creative journey.  It began with audio as his chosen medium of expression. Through his evolution as a self-taught visual mix media artist and pluralist, Ray’s art resonated with movement and the rawness of freestyle painting.

Mikki 100: Memories Unearthed

Mikki 100 is a Los Angeles based visual artist and graphic designer. She approaches her work with a fusion of design, print, and sculpture. Her creations seamlessly weave personal memories and her Korean American identity into the fabric of public locations and community spaces.

JuJu: Disrupting the Familiar

In the realm of abstract art, JuJu’s unique perspective takes center stage. With an intriguing philosophy on altering familiarity, JuJu challenges viewers to disassociate from the ordinary and engage with the extraordinary.

On view: September 30, 2023 – October 29, 2023; Viewing Hours: Wednesday through Monday 11:30 – 7:00; See below to RSVP for the FREE event.

What: Sorry But Not Sorry
Where: Black Market, 2060 Sawtelle Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025

When: Saturday, September 30, 2023, 5:00pm – 9:00pm
INFO: CLICK HERE to RSVP for this FREE event

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