Thlowres 3.31.12 BlankenshipCabaretTheatre pix1e Blankenship Cabaret Theatre presented a wonderfully entertaining evening of dance and music performances to an enthusiastic sold-out audience at the historic Alexandra Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The event took place in the Blankenship Ballet Ballroom.

The grand and elegant feel of the venue, built in 1906, played a role in setting the atmosphere for the Moulin Rouge-inspired theater of sensuous delights that seamlessly blended opera, ballet, world dance and classical and popular music artistry.

In true cabaret fashion, the audience seated, some at small tables, around three-sides of the raised stage, was able to enjoy gourmet cuisine and delicacies by Bravo ‘Top Chef’ Ilan Hall of “The Gorbals” as well as libations from a full bar.

After an opening Rachmaninoff prelude from pianist Pauline Yang, the show continued for two-hours of eclectic entertainment from over 20 talented world-class performers including: Opera Diva Shana Blake Hill, Vocalist & Dancer Megalyn Echikunwoke, Cuban Ballerina Bertha Suarez Blankenship, Acclaimed Pianist Mark Robson, Afro Cuban Master Ramon Ramos Alayo, Cuban Ballet, Danseur Ramon Moreno, Cuban Ballerina Patricia Perez, Cuban Ballet Danseur Maykel Solas, Ballerina Junna Ige, Cuban Danseur Alejandro Boza, Flamenco Dancer Richard Chavez. Belly Dancer Meliza & ‘The Jewels That Raq!’, Highland Bagpiper Orion McCabe. Other performing artists included Hip Hop Dancer David Persons, Ballerina Ruth Fentroy, Ballerina Heather Ross, Cuban Ballerina Tatiana Serrano Piche, Ballet Danseur Mario Montenegro, Ballet Danseur Akil Thompson and Ballerina Kim Michener.

Backstage at BlankenshipCabaretBackstage, photo by Greg Dahl.

All-in-all, it was an evening in which the sum of the individual artist’s parts contributed to creating a collectively greater and satisfying whole.

Kudos to creative producer Mark Blankenship, and artistic director, Bertha Suarez Blankenship. As well as co-producers, Shana Blake Hill, Joseph Amaral, Jaime Garza, and Abby Blum.