Thinkspace Projects celebrated Reen Barrera, Sarah Joncas, Benzilla, and Spime with an opening art party on Saturday, July 8, 2023. However the exhibition remains open through July 29, 2023

Thinkspace Gallery

Reen Barrera

In the Main Gallery, Reen Barrera returns with his biggest undertaking to date – Emotional Meat. New works on canvas alongside new signature hand made sculptures explores the contemporary generation’s frantic demand for struggles and hustles. Fixated on succeeding, often a disregard for the important aspect of one’s existence comes to light.

Sarah Joncas

Then catch the art of Toronto-based Sarah Joncas Upon Another Shore in Gallery II. Having first exhibited with the gallery in 2009, Joncas’ accomplished work has garnered international attention for its moody stylization and emotive impact. Her latest primarily female subjects are symbolic avatars for social, psychological, as well as personal themes.


Gallery III offers new work by Benzilla, born Parinya Sirisinsuk with Alter Ego. Challenging boundaries, igniting contemplation, humbly inviting viewers to explore the intricacies of our world. With his signature 3-eyed alien “LOOOK,” Benzilla explores a paradox: within each of us exists both the fiercest enemy and the most loyal companion.


Finally, the art of Spime is featured in Gallery IV. The artist brings her intuitive paintings of varying scale with Fish Out of Filtered Water. She embeds and juxtaposes personal imagery of the present, while critically engaging with the culturally and emotionally determined actions of the past.

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On view: July 8 – 29, 2023

What: New Exhibitions
Where: Thinkspace Projects, 4207 W. Jefferson Blvd. & 4217 W. Jefferson Blvd., LA 90016 (West Adams)
When: Running through July 29, 2023