The Pick of the Week takes place this Sunday on March 3rd. Julienne Johnson’s work will be part of a group show at LA Art core (Brewery Annex) from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Severylowres Julienne Johnson Obbligato 1 2012 30x40in oil with mixed media and collage on canvase image: Obbligato 1, (detail) 2012, 30″x40″ oil with mixed media and collage on canvas

I love Johnson’s work! It’s breathtaking at first look, but when viewed closely, you can hear her subtext. I am not just referring to the layering of the paint and other materials used – rather one can catch a glimpse of Julienne’s boundless energy and emotions within her art.

Unlike most artists, Johnson paints with her hands. Here’s a quote from a previous interview I did with Julienne explaining her process: “I love the texture of paint, the pliability of clay and the strength of metal. I create in a physical way, working hands on – applying, removing, scraping, sanding, sawing, soldering, pounding – I’m all over it; shape to shape and color to color until I’m satisfied with the whole.”

lowres Julienne Johnson Canon Rouge 72x48 2013  oil with mixed media and collage on canvasSee image: Canon Rouge (detail #1) 2013, 72″x48″ oil with mixed media and collage on canvas

Johnson’s trip to Doha last March left a memorable impression on her, inspiring her last show at TAG Gallery, entitled “TOUCH ME TOUCH YOU.” The experience continues to speak through her latest work.

She explains, “I seem to be one of those artists that stays with a topic until I’ve screamed everything I want to say about it – every way that I can say it. That’s how it is now. In fact – I am working on other specific curatorial projects along with this subject matter, but “TOUCH ME TOUCH YOU” is how most of it is materializing.”

Selowres Julienne Johnson Cries Whispers 2012 72x96in  oil with mixed media and collage on canvase image: Cries & Whispers (detail) 2012, 72″x96″ oil with mixed media and collage on canvas

An acclaimed songwriter (including both Grammy and Dove Award nominations), Julienne Johnson is also an avid poet. She studied with renowned poet Jack Grapes. Julienne has coordinated an evening of poetry including Jack Grapes and Peter Frank (critic and poet).

Known as an art writer (Huffington Post, Fabrik Magazine, past Senior Curator of the Riverside Art Museum), Frank edited and curated Johnson’s book Julienne Johnson – Ashes for Beauty. He also helped facilitate the meeting between gallery director Lydia Takeshita and Johnson. 

On Friday, March 29th at 7:30 p.m., as part of the closing reception, Johnson will present “SPOKEN Word & Paint,” a poetry reading against the backdrop of the exhibition at 7:30 p.m.
LA Artcorlowres Julienne Johnson 2012 Moreno 30x40in oile – Brewery Annex is located at 650 A. South Avenue 21 (in Lincoln Heights) Los Angeles, CA 90031. Please RSVP if you would like to attend the Spoken Word Event on March 29th. The March 3rd reception is open to the public.

Signed copies of her book Julienne Johnson – Ashes for Beauty will be available throughout the exhibition. The work of Gurdon Miller and Alexander Sadoyan will also be on view at the gallery.

What: Opening reception
Where: LA Artcore Brewery Annex is located at 650 A South Avenue 21, LA, 90031
When: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Phone: 323.276.9320