3.24 POW Copro jux12

Lots going on this week. Before we get to the POW….Remember you still have time to win two tickets to the premiere of Blankenship Cabaret Theatre on Saturday, March 31st taking place at the Blankenship Ballet Ballroom at the Alexandria in downtown LA. See Upcoming Page for more details about the show.

All you have to do is find me at any event, to find out the code phrase. We have been doing it since last week….so many people met me for the first time dressed in green for St Paddy’s Day last Saturday. Ok…so I am a bit quirky!

OK, back to the Pick of the Week….

Copr3.24 POWCopro shag crypto bigfooto Gallery celebrates the 18th year anniversary of JUXTAPOZ with a group exhibition. Juxtapoz Turns 18 opens this Saturday, March 24, at 8:00 pm at Copro Gallery, located at Bergamot Station Santa Monica.

This eclectic show will feature a large range of work. Curated by Gwynn Vitello and Greg Escalante, the exhibition will feature works from a group of artists who have been featured over the past 18 years.

Since its inception in the early 90’s Juxtapoz has been a major factor in setting art trends and helping to make them a world wide phenomenon with its vast publishing empire and International circulation.

Artists in3.24 POW Copro EribertoOriolclude Robert Williams, Shepard Fairey, Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr, Marion Peck (image right top), Camille Garcia, Kathy Staico Schorr, Cathie Bleck, Suzanne Williams,The Date Farmers, Jeremy Fish,Tara McPherson, Shag (see image Left), Tiffany Bozic, Scott Musgrove, Neckface, Elizabeth Mcgrath, Anthony Ausgang, Souther Salazar, Luke Chueh, Ed Templeton, Dennis McNett, Isabel Samaras, Charles Wish, Jeremy Lipking, Steve Olson, Don Pendleton, Mike Shine, Retna, Kevin Ancell, Andrew Schoultz, Brian Bowen Smith, Skinner, Rico Deniro, Craig Stecyk, Herbert Baglione, Sandow Birk, Mike Giant, Morgan Slade, Ron Lipking, Sage Vaughn, Deanna Templeton, Bill Dee Williams, Estevan & Eriberto Oriol (see image right bottom), Michael Carney & many more. 

A3.24POW Copro dittoJuxad lolso at Copro, opening tonight is the exhibition Riding the Dragon, featuring artist Leslie Ditto. 

The show runs through April 14, 2012.

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2012
What: Opening Reception,  Juxtapoz Turns 18, Riding the Dragon
Where: Copro Gallery (T-5), Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica
When:  8:00 pm – 11300 pm
Phone: 310.829.2156
Website: http://www.copronason.com/