Skidmore Contemporary Art celebrates two artists Tracey Sylvester Harris, and Isabel Emrich –  Call now for an appointment to view these exhibitions at 310-828-5070. Below are some words from the artists.


Tracey Sylvester Harris: “’Joie de Vivre’ is a French phrase meaning ‘a cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit.’  This may seem like a ridiculous theme for an exhibition considering the social climate we are living in. In fact, I chose the theme long before the challenges of quarantine and protests had even started. Last year, my eldest son was diagnosed with cancer (he has recovered now, thank heaven) and we almost lost my father to illness and a bad fall (he’s also fine now, thank heaven). Needless to say, a year of being in and out of hospitals and the accompanying worry left me depleted and depressed. Personally, I was desperately in need of some joy.

I decided at the beginning of 2020 that the theme for this new body of work would be Joie de Vivre.  I am glad I choose it. Focusing on what brings joy has brought more joy.  Usually, I paint single figures, but interestingly enough there’s quite a few double figure paintings, like Sunbathers and Pool Party. As all of us in isolation have learned, we need our family and our friends to be truly happy.

I also returned to my love of all things water and sunlight. For me, there is nothing to compare to the freedom of summer, as in Above the Treetops, and of swimming with the warm sand and sun on my skin. May these paintings bring you all some Joie de Vivre!”

Isabel Emrich, Serenity, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 60″

Isabel Emrich: “During these trying and difficult times I have been pregnant with my first child. As a mother it is my responsibility to stay positive and happy for my baby growing inside me to better their growth and development. I made a choice that I would always choose joy. When deciding what to paint for my show, I wanted to make sure I focused on tranquil visions of hope, light, joy, safety, and peace. Above the water, the world is facing hard times and it is affecting our daily lives tremendously. In order to turn away from the obstacles of the world’s current state I turn to places where I can feel joy, and the best place for me to feel joy is underwater. Please join me and dive under the water to feel refreshed and alive again. Allow the water to calm your souls, bring joy to your heart, and tranquility to your mind.

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