Edbemar-Centerfor-theArts-logoEdgemar Center for the Arts celebrates two new exhibitions, “Jennifer Verge: Believe in the Magic” and “Stephanie Visser: Rhapsody in Blu.” The artist reception took place Sunday March 6, 2016….it’s a beautiful exhibition – be sure to stop in.

EdMarch-6-Jennifer Verge BITMgemar Center has been hosting art exhibitions since 2002. It also offers a full program of acting classes and upcoming productions in its two theaters. Founder and Artistic Director, Michelle Danner and Managing Director Alexandra Guarnieri both have impressive theater and film backgrounds. Guarnieri runs the day-to-day operations at the arts complex has been producing plays and films since 2005. She admitted she has always been a lover of art.

Local Venice artist Jennifer Verge said she is excited about showing on March 6. Verge will be exhibiting eight to ten of her mixed media works. She tries to paint on a daily basis…other times, like most artists she will be pulled away, until she find her way back and immerses herself once again.

See image: Jennifer Verge, Believe in the Magic, mixed media on wood.

Here is some info direct from her website: “Painting is my outlet for expression. It’s a period of time when my imagination takes precedence over my everyday thoughts and I can truly feel free. Art allows me to live in the moment. People who really live the hell out of life, that’s what inspires me. It drives me outside of my own comfort zone, to live adventurously.”

Verge is also an accomplished jewelry designer. You can find out more about her art on her website. To see her jewelry designs, visit her FB page.

Each artist brings her own perception to the table. Both have a routine that they stick to while creMarch6-StephanieVisser-QuerenciaSeriesating their art.

Stephanie Visser chooses not to name her works. “The inspiration for these and all of my work comes from my effort to express some kind of emotion that is coming from within,” explains Visser. “I often though will tie those feelings to an event or a place or a moment that moves me, which is the reason for the desire to put that on a surface. I liken it to mind photographs, although not representational at all.”

See image: Stephanie Visser, Querencia Series, Untitled # 16, Acrylic on Paper

Visser has put together a collection of works all in the color blue…for her solo exhibition “Rhapsody in Blu.” She continues,”There will be a variety of sizes but the connecting theme is color which ranges from the blue of a clear blue sky to the deepest blue of the ocean.”

For additional info about Stephanie Visser, be sure to visit her website

EdgemANight-athe-BlackCat-Cabaretar Center for the Arts is a great resource for arts and entertainment on the Westside. Upcoming productions include: The amazing Bubble Man (February 27, 28 shows at 11:00am & 1:00pm), A Night at the Black Cat Cabaret which runs Fridays and Saturdays through April (except for Saturday March 19 and April 16. April 7 – April 10, the film festival, Cinema on the Edge returns to the complex.

What: Art Opening

Where: Edgemar Center for the Arts, 2347 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 

Phone: 310-392-7327 

Website: http://www.edgemarcenter.org