ACCA Gallery Beverly Hills presents “Tribute to Eight Influencers” by Brayden Bugazzi. This exhibition pays tribute to Audrey Hepburn, Basquiat, Chanel, Frida Kahlo, Karl Lagerfeld, Liechtenstein, Napoleon and Robin Williams.
No bright light without sunglasses: Brayden will unveil new limited edition Eyewear at the opening reception.

When the viewer sees Brayden’s work, they are first taken in by the bright colors and the fun story lines that he creates with the greater image. And it is only when you look closer at the fragmentations and reassembly of fine details of thousands of images Brayden uses to create his paintings that you will be able to finally understand the essence of the story within the larger context of the painting.

ACCA Gallery’s Director Carlos Benitez said he sees Brayden Bugazzi works like an encyclopedia of modern and contemporary great masters known for color, draftsmanship, and printmaking. His works are carefully planned out, like a classical realistic painter would…such as Vincent van Gogh’s Quinces, lemons, pears and grapes, he painted the frame yellow and ochre, with brush strokes that bear some resemblance to Japanese characters. Brayden knows the importance between the painting and its surroundings so he chooses the wood, molding style and paints his frames to bear resemblance of the art itself.”

On view: October 11 – November 1, 2019

Where: ACCA, 468 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210