Anxiety and Depression can be caused by many things. The unstable economy, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, moving, divorce, the list goes on. When added to the stress of the holidays, it can create a toxic mix of anxiety and depression for many. Overwhelming feelings arise, too many family expectations, not enough time to do it all and let’s not forget about overnight visitors cramping your style.
“There is a natural way to deal with anxiety and depression,” says Dr. Stuart H. Garber, a homeopath who will be speaking about just that, at the Whole Foods in Venice. “So many people turn to drugs and there are many better ways to cope with it.” The list of side effects from prescription as well as over the counter drugs is long, with the most common being nausea, increased appetite and weight gain, loss of libido, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION!
Dr. Garber has practiced holistic medicine in Santa Monica for the past 30 years. He was the first person in the United States to receive a Ph.D. degree in homeopathy and has led the way for natural remedies to become accessible to the average person.
He is the developer of Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions line of condition specific biotherapy formulas and keeps an office in Santa Monica, CA, where he also conducts research in homeopathic medicine. 
Dr. Stuart H. Garber will give an informal lecture on how to cope with anxiety and depression on Wednesday, November 2nd, at Whole Foods in Venice at 6:30 pm. Whole Foods is located at 225 Lincoln Blvd at Rose Venice, 90291 Dr. Garber will be on hand to take questions after the hour long lecture.
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