dnj Gallery hosts an orchestral musical concert featuring Kaleidoscope. The group stretches the boundaries for what is thought possible without a conductor. While performing timeless works, Kaleidoscope also regularly collaborates with living composers. This event takes place in conjunction with the group exhibition, “Awareness.” A continuance of the gallery’s dedication to presenting photography that emphasizes concepts, thoughts, and impressions, brings together five artists who question our understanding and ability to perceive and become aware of our own environment. The images in this exhibition portray a level of consciousness that is not a final deduction, rather a presentation of various solutions and that add to an elevated state of knowledge.Nov2-2019-520Size-dnjGallery-LauraParker-JannaIreland-BillSosin-AllanGill-NiRong-RobertvonSternberg
Artists from left to right: Laura Parker, Janna Ireland, Bill Sosin, Allan Gill, Ni Rong, Robert von Sternberg

Here is some info on the artists of “Awareness”- In his floral photographs, Allan Gill creates airy and transparent images by highlighting the denser areas of each flower. Familiarity is important to examine his “unseen world.” As a result, the picture presents the internal structure too, showing the veins, stem, buds, leaves, through an arrangement of varying shapes and forms.

Janna Ireland’s photographs initially appear to be mere documents of life, but they are fictitious, imaginary performances that mirror reality. Identity, race, gender, culture, and economic status are the unspoken building blocks of her world.

Laura Parker examines the visual structures of insight and observation. She asks her viewer to question the concept of truth as it relates to an accepted reality. Impressionistic by nature, photography leads to issues of understanding.

Ni Rong lived in China until the age of 28, when she immigrated to the United States for graduate school. Her uncertainty toward her cultural identity is illustrated in her series “In America – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.”

Bill Sosin composes richly colored photographs that capture urban scenery in the rain. The images are a collection of transient moments, with sudden glimpses of mysterious figures.

In a world saturated with images, Robert von Sternberg uses humor and wit to lead his viewers to the discovery that there is still a reason to look. His series, “Crowded Vacancies” employs complex compositions of vacant lots, extensive spaces, hidden alleyways, and empty highways to demonstrate his ideas of man intruding in nature.

November 2, 2019 – January 4, 2020

What: Concert
Where: dnj Gallery, 3015 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, 90405
When: November 10, 2019; 7:30pm
Phone: 310.315.3551
Website: http://www.dnjgallery.net