Brazilian artist Melissa Meier is internationally recognized for her evocative installations, found-object sculptures, collages and photography. “Laced / Skins / Masks” is curated by Kate Stern, and showcases three bodies of the artist’s work, shown together for the first time. There are two events taking place (in-person & online). You can rsvp to attend the gallery reception with the artist and curator, or reserve a spot to join the zoom reception online (see below). 

Melissa Meier, Paula – Laced Series

In Meier’s Laced series, the artist has chosen vintage doily patterns and superimposed them onto the faces and bodies of female subjects, cutting the doily pattern into them. The shapes of the faces, expressions, and attitudes of the women dictate the choice of doily.

On view: May 8 – June 7, 2021

What: “Laced / Skins / Masks”
Where: bG Gallery, 2525 Michigan Avenue A2, Santa Monica, CA 90404,