Beyond the Lines Gallery presents a new exhibition titled “Mix it Up Art Show.” The group show is about bringing artists and the local community together to enjoy and experience a wide variety of art mediums and styles.
May18-19-2018-Beyondthelines The front gallery is showcasing work from featured artist Gared Luguet. The main gallery will have a group show of 12″x12″ paintings, photography, sculptures and mix media pieces. artists such as Irina Chelyapov, Irma Dorokhova, Matt Ehrmann, Lark Pilinksy, Bruce Sanders, and many more. The show opened May 18 & 19…It was an amazing night – filled with live music, food, art mind games, live painting and of course amazing artwork! 

On view: May 19 – June 23

where: Beyond The Lines Gallery, 1150 East 12th St., LA, 90021