IVAC-Mar20-lady-flyerf you missed the opening….(March 20th), which was part of the Venice Art Crawl, the exhibition, “LADY” will remain on view through April 17th.

It was a wonderful opening…I really loved the vibe and supportive nature of all the women that I met at this event.

“Lady” is a group show featuring works inspired by ‘Persephone,’ at the Electric Lodge at 1416 Electric Avenue Venice CA 90291.

‘LADY: Art Exhibition and Bazaar – Created by Women, for all’ curated by Marlena McClain.

Enjoy works from a verity of women including Sunny Bak, Terry Marks-Tarlow, Marlena McClain and Constance Brantley and many others.

Artist Terry Marks-Tarlow just recently found out about the exhibition and wanted to be part of the event.

Terry talks about how it all came about… “The theme of this art show is the myth of Persephone. This is a horrific but wonderful ancient story about women’s struggles, both inner and outer.”

She continues, “When I heard about the show, inclowres-TerryMarks-Tarlow-Pluto-Persephoneluding the theme, I became very interested to participate. This is because I am a clinical psychologist, and I love to work with archetypal symbols, both metaphorically and visually. While I hadn’t yet done a piece on the myth of Persephone, I had worked with mythic stories in a previous book I’d written and Illustrated. Psyche’s Veil (Marks-Tarlow, 2008, Routledge) draws on the myth of Psyche, and as one of the illustrations for that book, I rendered a German stamp that featured an ancient Greek sculpture of Psych und Amor. For the current show, I decided to make a series out of this style. I found a sculpture by Bernini that poignantly illustrates the abduction of Persephone by Pluto into Hades. Once I found the piece, even though I only had two days to create the drawing, it flowed quite smoothly, as if guided by Persephone herself!”  http://www.markstarlow.com/Art%20Prints/index.html

On view: March 20th – April 17th

What: VAC Event
Where: The Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Avenue Venice CA 90291.
When: On view through April 17th
Phone: 805-459-4581
Website: www.facebook.com/LADYEvent1