Fabrik Projects presents Linda Stelling’s first exhibition at the gallery titled “Noble Dreams/Wicked Pleasures.” The exhibition is a collection of recent large-scale abstract paintings that continue Linda’s courtship with the world of dreams and their unconscious messages.
stellingLinda DreamWhisper 30x561 2 acrylic
Linda Stelling, Dream Whisper, 30 x 56 Acrylic

In her own words: “It is the dream’s residual effect that stays with me throughout the day and pushes me, somehow, along the path of my own creativity”. Dreams are universal, in that we all dream. They can be seen as both a source of inspirational magic while at the same time disturbing. According to Linda; “My work is intended to inspire the viewer to recognize the significance of their own dreams; as well, my paintings might simply create a symbolic key to unlock an unconscious door. The intention is that these colorful visual images will invoke a visceral reaction, one that stirs a memory or just a feeling of beauty.” Aesthetically, Linda’s paintings are simultaneously fluid and dynamic. The nuances of color caused by the deliberate pours of paint, entices viewers to engage individual moments within each piece, while the sheer scale of the work allows viewers to enter and inhabit the visual field.

Stelling received her BFA in painting and ceramic sculpture at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has taught art to children and adults and produced murals for private and commercial clients. She has exhibited in both the United States and Europe. She lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

On view: June 9 – July 21, 2018

Where: FABRIK PROJECTS, 2636 S. LA Cienega Blvd. LA, 90034
Phone: 310.730.6074
Website: http://www.fabrikprojects.com/