On Saturday June 12, Wonzimer hosts an opening for a group show titled “Differential Ontology” at 5pm. See below for RSVP info. 

This exhibit investigates how the inner nature of phenomena is constituted by complex interrelationships. It asks certain ontological questions, such as “Is the inner nature of beings composed of homogeneous elements or heterogeneous ones?” “Is difference simply an external fact between beings or is it constitutive of their very inner nature?”

“Differential Ontology” examines the inner nature of beings by developing a concept of difference as foundational, rather than thinking of difference as merely an observable contrast between self-identical beings.

Artists include: Alicia Piller, Brian Randolph, Carla Jay Harris, Eli Joteva, Ibuki Kuramochi, Isabel Beavers, Kayla Tange, Khang Nguyen, Kim Abeles, Linnea Spransy, Maru Garcia, Mei Hotta, Patrick Nickell, Richelle Gribble, Russell Crotty, and Takeshi Kanemura.

What: “Differential Ontology”
Where: Wonzimer, 621 S Olive St, LA, 90014
Website: https://www.wonzimer.com/