Update: Just found out this event will air on ABC-TV at 7:00pm on the 4th of July!

The Music Center celebrates 4th of July with an online event. Just go to the website…streaming begins a 8:00pm.


In addition, the Music Center hosts a special presentation. INCA The Peruvian Ensemble features dance and instrumentation unique to Peru and the Andean region. Offering a wonderful and colorful array of music and dance, this group is a true gem in The Music Center on Tour roster. En este video especial, INCA – The Peruvian Ensemble presenta danza e instrumentación exclusiva de Perú y la región de los Andes. Ofreciendo una variedad de música y baile, verás por qué este grupo es una joya de la familia de artistas de The Music Center on Tour.

CLICK HERE to watch video – This video is also available in Spanish. Este video también está disponible en español.  https://www.musiccenter.org