M+B celebrated the art of Eva Beresin with an opening reception on July 17, 2021. The solo exhibition “Beware of the spirits that you call” by Eva Beresin runs through September 3, 2021.

Here is some info about the artists courtesy of the gallery:
“Beware of the spirits that you call” is the artist’s first with the gallery. Eva Beresin thinks fast, paints fast and has a quick sense of humor. Her personal style is that of a funky teen; but you’d be sorely mistaken if you were fooled or put off by the apparent frivolity of her enterprise. Her skills are razor sharp and underlie a deep thoughtfulness and intelligence. Her paintings cloak both herself and various members of her immediate family in lighthearted, riotously colorful scenarios, often of the domestic variety. As most of our relatives are so universally…umm… “special,” need we look any further?

The mundane daily occurrences of life, shopping, sharing meals, and playing games together come across as funny – mostly by way of cartoonishly distorted, engorged hands, feet and facial features. Yet lurking not too far underneath the surface, the images are imbued with a more melancholic notion of the absurd, grotesque, and forlorn.

On view: July 17 – September 3, 2021

Where: M+B, 612 N Almont Drive, Los Angeles
Website: https://www.mbart.com