Happy Father’s Day 2023 to all you fantastic Dads!  Treat him right – if you have not made a restaurant reservation yet…hop to it. As always, you can visit our Culinary Page on LAArtParty.com

I want to remind everyone to visit our sister site – EatTravelGo.com – see below to find out how to navigate ETG.


In the Destinations Section, one can find a list of best restaurants. Our staff picks tell you a bit about these restaurant, but these are NOT reviews. However, restaurant Reviews can be found on ETG’s Stories Section which offers more personal journeys. This is where you will find the Dining/Drinking Page; Go to the Reviews drop-down for a list of restaurant reviews. There is quite a large selection featured from Los Angeles.

So Happy Father’s Day 2023 to all those hard working Dads! Enjoy!!!