Matter Studio Gallery hosted an art party for a solo exhibition by artist JonMarc Edwards on December 19, 2021. The show, “Integrating Matter,” features a selection of stunning, tactile and color-filled paintings…be sure to visit the gallery before January 16, 2022.

\JonMarc Edwards, Meditation Upon a Jam, Mixed Media, 48″ x 144″

Confined to the studio during the pandemic, Edwards, in his newest paintings, integrates up-cycled and repurposed materials found within his studio and immediate environment, some left over from prior artworks, using them in new, highly graphic, emotional and painterly color fields.  There are palpable emotions evoked by the juxtaposition of his use of these diverging forms together.  You are confronted with the evidence of his artistic evolution.

Impacted by the tumultuous years of 2020-21 and the isolation caused by the pandemic quarantine, the artwork in his exhibition Integrating Matter reflects the tone, sensibility and meditative resolve for his desire to connect, as well as an intense anticipation of the uncertain future.

On view: December 19,2021 – January 16,2022

What: “Integrating Matter,” JonMarc Edwards
Where: Matter Studio Gallery, 5080 W. Pico Blvd., LA, 90019-4130
Phone: 323 697-4988