The Off thWitzendlogoeir Jingle Bell Rockers will perform at a very special event this year happening at Witzend, Wednesday, December 7th at 8:00 pm. This performance will feature holiday music featuring The Off their Jingle Bell Rockers and special guests…all evening. Witzend is located at 1717 Lincoln Blvd, Venice CA 90291, 310-305-4792, $10.00 cover.

The Off their Jingle Bell Rockers are not your typical holiday group. Yes they happen to be terrific singers, but they also dress incredibly flamboyant, and have an amazing amount of energy which makes for a truly fun and lively show. They add a different slant to Christmas Caroling.

Their offbeat harmonies and original arrangements bring a JBRockerszany twist to the classic Christmas Carol. They even perform their own original holiday songs. The Off Their Jingle Bell Rockers include Catherine Allison, Rory Johnston, Marianne Lewis, Kathy Leonardo, Jon Preston, and Suzy Williams.

The Off their Jingle Bell Rockers are accepting bookings for private parties. Call or email Kathy Leonardo at 310 428-1109 or Catherine Allison at 310 428-7308 For more info see For more info or to rsvp for Witzend event on December 7th, see

Photo by Victoria Graham; (from Left to Right) Back Row: Marianne Lewis, Rory Johnston, Suzy Williams and Jon Preston. Front Row is Catherine Allison and Kathy Leonardo.