Wonzimer Gallery celebrated an international exhibition titled Shapes of Vitality on July 7, 2023. The group show is presented by both Allartnow x Wonzimer, and will remain on view thru July 16, 2023.

Wonzimer Gallery

Wonzimer Gallery International Exhibition – Artists

Shapes of Vitality is curated by Abir Boukhari 2023 Stockholm. Artists include: Felice Hapetzeder – Connie Chappel – Juanma González – Katarina Eismann – Muhammad Ali – Nisrine Boukhari – Rezan Arab – Anna Ill.

From the Gallery

The richness of our surroundings have inspired artists throughout history to create artwork about the natural world, the city environment, and the human condition. Art invites us to see the beauty and complexity of our places, listen to the stories of others, as well as tackling the problems and cases within our world. The artists featured in this exhibition have observed and created a variety of works that capture their experiences and interests in their surroundings. Additionally, their diverse work focuses on nature—climate change and its impact on our world—centralizes on architecture—the atmosphere of the city and its influence on our lives—searches into human behaviour—our relationships with each other and with our vast world. For this exhibition, we selected artists from AllArtNow group to take part in Shapes of Vitality.

About Wonzimer Gallery

Founded by two independent visionaries—Swiss artist and musician, Alaïa Parhizi, and American entrepreneur, Aidan Nelson. Wönzimer emanates a young, lively energy that is cultivated through professional leadership as well as a genuine love of innovation and diversity.

Wönzimer, which means living room in German, is a place where everyone is welcome. These ideals are indeed the foundations upon which Wönzimer thrives and lives. It is precisely this interest that has given Wönzimer its magic, as well as a living history of joyful, spontaneous interactions that it has inspired between extraordinary individuals from all walks of life.

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On view: July 7, 2023 – July 16, 2023

What: Shapes of Vitality, International Exhibition
Where: Wonzimer, 341-B S. Avenue 17, LA, 90031
When: Running through July 16, 2023
Website: https://www.wonzimer.com