You still h8.4 SafePassage Tag Flyerave the chance to win two tickets to tickets to Safe Passage’s Benefit on Saturday. Find the code phrase and email us at

You have till 4:00 pm ….so get on it kids.  This one is EASY….right in front of you…in RED!!!

Pick of the week is this Saturday, August 4th at Bergamot Station. There are several other events taking place at the arts center tonight so it’s a great time to come by and support a wonderful cause.

In fact Bergamot will be hopping all weekend…See Sunday’s page for the Jazz event taking place at the East Side of Bergamot Station.

Frank Johnson Chea  Chea July2012 TAG 198Artist, Julienne Johnson has invited the non profit, Safe Passage to hold a benefit this Saturday, at TAG Gallery. Surrounded by the art of Julienne Johnson, Pam Douglas and Camey McGilvray, the benefit will also feature wine tasting and appetizers.

See image left, Peter Frank, Art Critic for the Huffington Post, and Associate Editor of Fabrik Magazine, with Julienne Johnson, Artist and Alvin Chea (10 time Grammy winner with the Group Take 6, Johnson’s former writing partner) and his wife Adrea.  Peter Frank is also the editor of Johnson’s newly released book:  Julienne Johnson | Ashes For Beauty.

Safe Passage helps survivors of domestic abuse in many ways. First, they are encouraged to leave their abusers and then are given shelter. Later, they are offered job placement, makeovers, and a new permanent place to live.

Trish St8.4-SafePassage sheltergoupeele was personally affected by domestic abuse and created the nonprofit  She found herself in an abusive relationship and was helped by caring people. This kindness shown to her, inspired her to “pay it forward” by helping other women who fell prey to the same circumstance.

Trish Steele met artist Julienne Johnson over six years ago at a charity event for Safe Passage. Julienne immediately was drawn to the cause and wanted to do something to help raise funds through her art.

See pix below, board members of Safe Passage with the Artist, Julienne Johnson. From left to right, Susan Segenzer, Julienne Johnson, John Wurts and Trish Steele. Photo by Kelly Greene

Julienlowres8.4 SafePassage Tagne’s original involvement has included holiday events, such as Tea Parties at friend’s homes, along with donations, and Christmas/Hanukkah gifts for children and their moms. She is still very active in spreading the word about this wonderful organization.

In fact, it was Julienne who initiated the idea to host a separate night to raise funds for Safe Passage. She approached the other two artists who are showing their work as part of the TAG Gallery exhibition. Camey McGilvray and Pam Douglas were more than pleased to get involved. Julienne says, “So while it started as something I wanted to do – it has become something the three of us are doing. The three of us are wall mates for our exhibitions by choice.”

Julienne has had the opportunity of working with foster kids for over eight years. She knows first hand the fear that they experience. She explains, “I have a heart for this, and it comes from personal experience. I know what it means when neighbors and friends pretends not to notice. I don’t want to be like that.”   

CODE PJJ July2012 TAG 368HRASE: Safe Passage Saves Lives.…email us at and you will automatically be entered into the raffle to win two tickets to this fabulous art party.

See pix, right, Johnson talking about her work with Riana Alberts at her TAG Gallery Reception and Book Signing.

She adds, “This is the good that can come out of bad experiences. It can give us a heart bigger than we would have had without that experience. It leaves us grateful. Not for having had the bad/sad experience, but for having an opportunity to become something bigger than we could have been otherwise.”

The special benefit for Safe Passage will take place on August 4th, at TAG Gallery. Each of the artists will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their artwork to this very important cause.

Johnson will also be donating boxes of note cards and envelopes to be used as a give away to each guest as they leave.

See pix below, Olivier Ferrand,  Ezrha Jean Black, ARTILLERY Magazine Staff Writer/Art Critic, Julienne Johnson, artist and Karen Rosner, ARTILLERY Magazine at Julienne’s, TAG Gallery Q & A  – July 25th.

Olivier Ezrha Julienne KarenRemember this is a benefit to help the non profit Safe Passage. I want to encourage you to buy tickets, it a very important cause. Tickets are $35.00.  Tell your friends.  It will feature wine tasting and appetizers.

Call now to reserve your tickets 818 232-7476, Tickets are $35.00.

What: Safe Passage benefit, Saturday August 4th
Where: TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station, (D-5) 2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404
When: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Phone: Order Tickets 818 232-7476