Seaster-peepso it’s Easter Weekend….and Passover….hope you spend some time with the family and have a tasty meal. I have listed a couple of nice brunch places to hit…there’s also an Easter Festival listed on Sunday for the kids!

PassoverHave a good one and eat plenty of Peeps! Yum!!,,,,Happy Easter and Passover! Enjoy th family and behave!

Thi4.7 G2 CherylMedow greategrets oftheworlds Saturday, April 7th, the Pick of the Week takes place at one of my favorite galleries.

The G2 Gallery offers incredible exhibitions featuring high caliber talent while supporting environmental organizations. This green gallery consistently presents exhibitions dedicated to nature and wildlife photography with eco-conscious themes. They offer lovely artist receptions as well.

LionInTheMara2 CherylMedow-1On Saturday, at 6:30 pm, the G2 Gallery presents Nature LA: Cheryl Medow, a solo exhibit of photo montage works highlighting the wildlife of Africa. All proceeds from art sales will benefit the Sierra Club.

Santa Monica-based artist Cheryl Medow creates images that cause viewers to wonder whether they are actual photograph or paintings. Cheryl’s montage work is heavily influenced by the dioramas of the Museum of Natural History. She studied ceramics at the famed Chouinard Institute and received a BA in Art from UCLA, concentrating on life drawing with charcoal and pastels. Continuing her art education, Cheryl learned to make mono prints while in Santa Fe, New Mexico. These qualities become apparent in her current photomontage work.

4.7 G2 CrownedCranes CherylMedowWildlife is almost always the focal point of her images. To achieve this style, she first photographs the big cats and the brilliant plumiage of birds in mating season. Then, after separately shooting the landscape and the flora of the area, she adds them to the original image to provide context and a rather dreamy sense of place to her animal subject.

The montage aspect is rounded out with bits of relevant ephemera such as maps and postage stamps. Medow’s final product raises comparisons to works by early 19th century naturalist paintings with images like her award-winning Botswana Roller referred to as “hyper-real Audubon” by G2 Gallery director and curator Jolene Hanson.

Please4.7 G2 elusive leopard RSVP to

There is a  $5.00 admission charge which will directly support enivironmental organizations.

What: Opening reception, Nature LA: Cheryl Medow
Where: The G2 Gallery, 1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice,90291
When: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Phone: 310 452-2842