red green HappyHolidays imagesThank you for all your kind emails…So nice to hear from you all. Have a wonderful holiday and take time to be in the moment. Cherish your loved ones. Take a moment to breathe…I know that I truly need to.

We have some FREE Theater Tickets for this weekend…for Director/Producer John Stark brings his newest play, “Tom, Dick and Harry Meet Mary” at the Odyssey Theatre. See our Upcoming Page for info about the show. Email us at if you are interested.

Next week on LA Art Party, there will be one post only on Wednesday. There are some great family outings and museum shows, some great theater and more.

Snow only imagesSo much going on in the world…. good and bad. The holidays are always hectic…but often life becomes that way too. We rush from one thing to the next. Chasing our dreams, trying to remember to be in the moment, meeting up with friends, and yes attempting to hit every art party there is…. you know who I’m talking to.

Despite the financial land mines we sometimes run into on a constant basis we manage to make our way through these turbulent economic times and happily land on our feet. Then tragedy strikes like the horror that took place in Connecticut. Then we, as a collective human spirit hit the wall and say WHY? We try to make sense of the madness. We stop. We ponder.

Ilowres VictoriaBarcelona 2012 am there now. My heart aches for those vulnerable sweet souls who are now heaven’s littlest angels and the inconsolable families left behind. Saddened by the loss of innocence for all who remain. Yet I am strengthened by the heroes. The teachers who fought till the end. It’s not fair. But this is life. Life is truly hard sometimes.

I just wrote an article for the Santa Monica Mirror about a kind and wonderful woman named Victoria Barcelona who also lost her life. That was such a hard article to write. Vicky was the owner of Figtree’s Cafe and she affected so many people in a positive way. She was too young to leave this earth. We celebrate Vicky’s life this Thursday at Figtree’s Café. See Thursday’s Events.

holly-leaves-2I also just found out that an editor that I have worked with named Georgia Fee (Artslant) died this month as well. I’m reeling. Time to break for life, take stock.

This season, count your blessings and hold your family and friends close. Yes, your pets too.

Icatsanta will be posting my Weekend Update this week on Friday at noon as always. Then next week Dec 26th, I will be posting just once (on Wednesday). There will be no Weekend Update. There are not a lot of art parties anyway…but some good exhibitions to check out as well as some great theater.

Most of circular tree imagesmy staff will be home for the holidays…and Mama needs a break.

Take some time off and enjoy your loved ones. Celebrate your holiday, whatever that may be. May the spirit of the season bless you all. A new year is coming…I need some serious family time and lots of hugs from my niece and nephews!  Enjoy!