1.18 PartyLAArtyourinvitedPick of the Week starts tonight….at the LA Art show with a wonderful premiere gala art party featuring food and drink from top LA restaurants. I’ll be there….they had a great one last year.

Yes it does cost $125.00 per person, it goes to a good cause, The Art of Elysum, which is a fabulous non profit organization…(check their website…)  The opening party was so much fun last year.

1.18Infoparty LAARTcircleWhether you decide to go to the party or not…be sure to pop the show for at least one day. See more details on Pick of the Week Page.

The opening party runs from 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm. http://www.laartshow.com


Ton1.18CulverCityArtwalkight Culver City celebrates their Third Wednesday “Discover the Arts” Art Party.  (Ooh, I like the name)

The local businesses have pooled their resources and are offering discounts and special happy hour deals for this special night….(really smart idea…you go Culver City)!

Galleries will remain open throughout the evening including Fresh Paint Art, Gallery 9, Gregg Fleishman Studio/Gallery, Royal T and more. You can event create your own masterpiece on the boulevards in the Family Chalk Area.

See the website for more galleries http://www.downtownculvercity.com/

1.18AronDVWkspOr Stay home instead and learn cutting edge film techniques used by the pros. Aron Ranen of DVworkshops offers a FREE series of webinars with some of best Film and Video professionals in Hollywood. 

Tonight, David Frediricks, the Lead camera Operator on FX’s SONS OF ANARCHY TV show will be the special guest. . He will discuss PRACTICAL tips and approaches that can help improve your cineamatography,

David answers questions via USTREAM Chat during this live broadcast which is hosted by DVworkshops Instructor Aron Ranen.]

7pm Pacific Time / 10pm Eastern Time (USA); See the website for details. http://www.dvworkshops.com