If you reside in the Los Angeles area….take a trip to reconnect, and try new restaurants. There is a new craze taking place called solomoon. Couples get married and then instead of enjoying a honeymoon, they take a solomoon….can you imagine?  I found a happy balance. My husband and I went to Paso Robles took a day off from each other. He wanted to get up at 4:30am to photograph the wildflowers, while I wanted to sleep-in and do wine tasting. We met back at the hotel for a fantastic dinner. We BOTH wrote articles about the day we took off from each other. They are both published on EatTravelGo.com
Be sure to read Richard’s article – California Wildflowers: Chasing the Super Blooms (in the Stories section under the Inspiration drop-down) and my article – Unplug with Wine & Wildflowers (in the Stories section, under the Unplug/Recharge drop-down). If you’d like to hear about great places to travel, or to dine, or read interviews featuring how travel inspires artists, Be sure to check out EatTravelGo.com