SJan2014-TenWomenisabelleanta Monica’s Ten Women Gallery on Montana Ave kicked off 2014 with a beautiful new window display created by artist Isabelle Bryer featuring her painting “Levitation in the Forest at Midnight”

See Image: by Isabelle Bryer

French-born artist, Isabelle, shares her process in creating the magical paintings she is known for. “I love art that tells a story…images with mysterious atmosphere and magical settings. Here is a short step-by-step of how I painted (with acrylic paint) ‘Enchanted,’ the portrait of a peaceful maiden that takes place in a dark snowy forest at midnight (an unlikely story, I know). After sketching the trees of my forest I loosely paint the colored under layer of the image. I like to have bright colors as an undercoat. I cover every inch of the canvas, no white should be left. Now it is time to add the main character. I draw her silhouette on top of my background with a white pencil. Then I start using a dry-brushing technique in white. Like a little ghost of a girl suspended in the air…The white underlayer makes an opaque base for the colors I will use on the girl. And here is my final ‘Enchanted.’ A blissfully sleeping blond girl floating in mid-air under the moonlight with the birds watching over her… A sleeping fox is curled up on her dress…She radiates love and serenity.”

The second half of January will feature Caroline Vidal’s beautiful porcelain and Summer Knight’s exquisite jewelry. These two artists will both be leaving Los Angeles and the Gallery in 2014. Don’t miss the opportunity to view their artwork.

CaJan2014-tenwomenwindowjan4roline’s Celadon Line, high fired porcelain is delicate and yet robust. The pots are thrown very thin to give comfortable rims and light weight objects and yet withstand years of dishwashing, microwaving and everyday culinary use. She creates and mixes the white celadon glaze with raw materials, then lightly decorates the porcelain with deeper celadon effects to give her pots a refined simple Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetic. This collection is highly praised by people appreciating simple, unique porcelain artistry.

Summer Knight’s charming jewelry pieces are delicate and feminine. She uses raw stones and crystals with the intent to balance or stimulate your being and natural energies. She also uses abalone, bone, horn and wood as well. Every piece is one of a kind, based on what inspires her or what she feels is right in that moment. She creates a lot of custom work for her clients based on their desires. Please continue to look for all of her upcoming work on her website,

Ten Women Gallery is a vibrant artist’s co-operative gallery showcasing 24 local artists. The gallery is located at 1128 Montana Ave in Santa Monica. Hours 10am – 6pm daily.

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