A free spirit who was raised in Los Angeles Sona Mirzaei left a career in finance in 2008 after choosing to embrace her calling as a professional artist. As she notes, painting has been part of her life since she was five years old so it was little surprise to her family and friends when she made the bold decision to make creating art her full time career. Her first notable success as an artist was to be chosen as a finalist for the 2009 London International Creative Competition where she attracted the attention of event organizers and secured official representation. Although LA is one of the most competitive of markets, Sona’s persistence and determination to explore her craft and use her work in support of charitable causes, while making her art accessible to others, has gained her the respect of her fellow peers and art lovers.

Sona has also been busy producing her ongoing I am My Art series, a unique conceptual self-portrait project that is intended to present moments where she is literally at one with her work while taking on the persona associated with each piece. She is thrilled to begin work on I am My Art Part III and will debut it later this year. This form of art really test her creativity and Sona always loves a challenge and this is what makes art exciting for her especially this particular series.

Sona Mirzaei is a true visionary and her passion for art transcends the competitive nature of the international art scene. Sona sincerely desires to help others appreciate the beauty and potential of their own surroundings by adding unique artwork that complements their individual personality. Her work is timeless and reflects a hybrid of depth, emotion, and aesthetic appeal that always leaves one wanting to see more of what Sona has to offer.

See recent article in Campus Circle http://www.campuscircle.com/review.cfm?r=13195 . For more info about Sona Mirzaei see her website, http://www.sonaart.com/