Saturday, March 16th…Don’t miss the Santa Monica Airport Art Walk. Always a fun event, there is a diverse group of artists participating this year, plus a politically charged exhibition featured in ARENA 1. “Decade of Dissent: Democracy in Action, 1965–1975,” an exhibition featuring original protest posters that reveal the persuasive power of art to inspire ideals of democracy.

VFEB 23 Arena1Galleryisually striking and often confrontational, the works call attention to critical social movements that were shaped by the principles, rights, and individual liberties expressed by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The exhibition spotlights California activism around diverse causes—including peace, ecology, labor, and civil rights—showcasing iconic images and slogans that served as vehicles for social change.

Decade of Dissent is organized by the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, the largest repository of post–World War II historical posters in the nation.

verylowres ScottTanseyAlso showing as part of tonight’s opening are artists and photographers NIck Busco, Scott Tansey and Michael Temple.

See image left: by Scott Tansey

Scott Tansey’s panoramic phototgraphy is currently on view at Figtree’s.

Tansey’s most recent trip to Patagonia inspired him to capture incredible images of mountain ranges, icebergs and rarely captured landscapes.

A dedicated photographer, Tansy has traveled the world in search of magnificent landscapes.  On expeditions, scott is always the first one up and last to return. Tansey’s work will be on view at the Cafe until January 15th.

Slowres NickBusco FreddyMercuryPrintee image right: by Nick Busco

Photographer Nick Busco’s work (see image) will be on view. He has had the chance to work with many legendary musicians through the years.

He has toured the world as part of rock’s most infamous road trips with access to stars that many can only dream of.

Working closely with renowned performers such as Freddy Mercury, Bonnie Rait, Tom Petty, Rod Stewart and more, he has captured classic images.

Busco currently has his work featured at Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Artist Michael Temple, aka Mike Tempo…creator and percussionist of the World Beat band The Bondaddys will also have his work showcased at the Arena 1 show tongiht.

WU Arena1MichaelTempor6-piecegardenpartySee image left: by Michael Temple

Temple paints everyday. He explains, “Although I began to develop my visual language 40+ years ago (Lower-glyphics), it took me a while to develop enough confidence to trust it. Now I do trust the shaman within; and with my visual vocabulary, the rhythm in the performance and the alchemy of paint, I create my view of the cosmos.”

On view: February 23rd – March 23rd

What: March 16th, Art Walk
Where: Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica 90405
When: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm