People gather to picket injustice, mourn tragedy, rally for all sorts of causes, and to get drunk and party…why not to sneak surprise ordinary citizens with a little cheer?

Wed 5 15 HappinessProjectThe Happiness Sprinkling Project was founded by a group from The Center For Happiness in Anacortes, WA…Their signs are now traveling the US! Join the first group in Los Angeles to officially host their signs and vision!

Kind words can help heal this world…Be part of a random fun way to spread hope, love and joy! See video of the project:

THIS Wednesday May 15th from 6-7 pm at the corner of Ventura & Sepulveda (in front of the steps & fountain of the Sherman Oaks Galleria).

I’ll be bringing my guitar…to play some of my originals. Fellow musician Phil Kimball will be playing some happy music…. so come on down and sing with us…we’ll be performing some well known songs and we can all get in on the act.

NOTE: This event is NOT in coordination with the Galleria, we will be on the public sidewalk in front of the Galleria…

What to bring: Yourself!

What to wear: A plain yellow shirt (alternative yellow garments, dresses, jumpsuits and any festive yellow accessories are welcome!)
Signs Provided.

Wed 5 15 HappinessProject2Can I bring friends?: Yes, the more the merrier!

What if I can only be there part of the time?: That is fine…any amount of Sprinkling
Happiness is welcome!

Can I bring kids?: Yes! as long as you keep them out of traffic!

What: Happiness Walk
Where: 15301 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 at the corner of Ventura & Sepulveda (in front of the steps & fountain of the Sherman Oaks Galleria)
When: Meet at 5:45 pm on Wed May 15th event starts 6-7pm!
RSVP via email, phone, text, or facebook