Slowres Sona Mirzaei paints Elephant2eyhoun Gallery showcases the work of Sona Mirzaei in her third solo show with the gallery.

The gallery is known for showing contemporary modern art, calligraphy, photos, and sculptures; the gallery was first established over nine years ago.

Owner and gallery director, Maryam Seyhoun along with her family have been an active part of the field since 1967. Maryam’s mother, Masoumeh Seyhoun, a famous Iranian painter founded the first gallery in Iran.

Selowres July13 SonaMirzaei InfinityofLoveyhoun has been working with Sona for the past five years and has not only included her work in group shows but has also featured the artist in several solo exhibitions. “Sona is a very talented young artist. There is a fantastic evolution in her work, her work grows stronger every day,” says Seyhoun. When asked what she looks for when choosing a work of art for the gallery, Seyhoun replies, “A strong work, good technique, and most important, a message or statement.”

See image, left: Infinity of Love – 36×48 – mixed media, 3D on canvas

Sona’s exhibition will feature work from her Botanical and Mixed Media 3D” series. She is looking forward to the show, “This is my third solo show, so it’s naturally exciting because you put so much effort and time into making a collection of work to exhibit and it doesn’t always happen so hastily.”

See image, below right: Winter Dreams – 36×48 – 3D – mixed media on canvas. Chromatic, winter frost.

Sona lowres July13 SonaMirzaei WinterDreamswas not surprised that Maryam chose works from her “Botanical Series” to show in the upcoming exhibit. She explains, “My botanical works are so detailed and intricate; there is so much depth, texture and layers, so they are fun to look at. Each piece has its own beauty and poetry. The titles give insight to the themes and Maryam really loved that and the richness of each piece that pulls you into the canvas.”

The artist is quite busy; she is already working on her next project with more in the pipeline that can easily take her into 2015. Sona is participating once again in the celebrated international charitable art event, Elephant Parade. The Elephant Parade is an open air public art exhibition of fiberglass elephant statues designed by high profile people and artists. In 2006, the first Elephant Parade kicked off in Rotterdam, then London to raise funds and raise awareness about endangered Asian elephants.

July13 SonaMirzaei IndianSummerSona Mirzaei was the first American female artist who participated in the Copenhagen and Singapore parades. The cause is dear to Sona’s hear and she is proud to be part of it. “I have always loved these magnificent creatures, as a child I fell in love with Babar, and learning about what has been happening to Asian elephants definitely deepens my affection for them and passion to help in whatever capacity.”

See image: Indian Summer – 36×48 – botanical series – mixed media

On August 22, the elephants will run wild in Dana Point, CA. The exhibition runs through November and then Sotheby’s will auction the elephant statues.

Sona’s art is set to be featured in the BRANDED ARTS group show on July 20th in Santa Monica.

What: Opening reception
Where: Seyhoun Gallery, 9007 Melrose Ave., in West Hollywood
When: 5:30 – 8:00 pm