LA Food Bowl’s A Tutta Pizza! LA’s Pizza Fest; photo by Kathy Leonardo; coutesy of

New York Style, Neapolitan, Chicago style pizza…if you are a pizza lover you probably have tasted it all. On May 19th, 2019, I attended A Tutta Pizza! LA’s Pizza Fest, just one of the many LA Food Bowl events presented by the LA Times. This month long food festival features multiple tastings, demos, and workshops occurring all over Los Angeles at pop-up venues, restaurants, food walking tours, etc.
Jeff Garcia, from the Urban Oven; photo by Rich Bilow; courtesy of

Born and raised in NYC, I know a bit about pizza. I must confess, when I first moved to LA in 1999, I hated the pizza. I longed for a New York slice. LA’s pizza has evolved tremendously since then however, offering many distinct varieties. These days it’s easy to find great pizza in LA. There is nothing better than a slice of hot delicious pizza just out of the oven, A Tutta Pizza! provided just that…LA style.

The Urban Oven (see photo above) offered a variety of tasty pizzas: cheese, kale, sausage with mushroom, and more. The crust was fantastic, super thin towards the center with a perfect light crisp.
The Team at Delicious Pizza / Delicious Vinyl; From left to right: Oliver Field, Leo Santiago-Cruz, and Owner Rick Ross; photo by Kathy Leonardo; coutesey of

Delicious Pizza was doing double duty at the event…providing both the beats and some pizza too. Founded in 2015, this hip-hop pizza shop was created by a father and son, Fred and Travis Sutherland, along with Delicious Vinyl owner Mike Ross and his brother Rick. The West Adams eatery is frequented by music and of course pizza lovers.

Jess Trautt serving up a pizza pie, Olive and Wood; photo by Kathy Leonardo; courtesy of ETG

Olive and Wood provided some delicious meat and cheese pizzas, fresh from the oven. Although it does not have a physical address, catering is available for events. I especially enjoyed the meat lovers pizza.

Some lines were longer than others…such as the one for Chi-Pie, offering their take on Chicago’s deep dish pizza. Each piece handed out was massive and delicious. I had to take most of mine home. The line got longer every time I looked.

Another restaurant that attracted quite a bit of attention was Apollonia’s Pizzeria. Their Sicilian style pizza was unbelievably tasty…with exquisite Italian meats and cheese, a perfect drizzle of olive oil, and fresh herbs. It was exquisite. The chew of the thick dough was a perfect match with the sweet marinara.
May2019-520-LAFoodBowl-Review-fromETG-AtuttaPizza-Apollonias Pizzeria-owners-JustinandLindaDeLeon
I had a chance to speak with owners Justin and Linda De Leon, who told me about their establishment. In addition to offering gluten free crusts, Apollonia’s Pizzeria offers unusual toppings such as duck and bacon sausage, chicken tequila sausage, lamb sausage, and cremenelli sopressa salami. Vegetarian options are also available.

Dagwoods Santa Monica was in attendance. Mark Peters and Melvin Payne were having a great time, as they served up some delicious hot, cheesy love.

Dagwoods, Mark Peters, Melvin Payne, photo by Rich Bilow; courtesy of ETG

Other favorites included Forno Fama, La Morra, Eataly, and Provami. Mobile wood-burning pizza ovens were a common sight and well-suited to this outdoor event. Additional workshops and food talks took place throughout the day with with Daniele Uditi, Ellen Bennett, Jenn Harris, Nancy Silverton, Peppe Miele, and Chris Bianco and Andrea Chang (LA Times Food), etc.

If you are a foodie, you won’t want to miss the LA Food Bowl presented by the LA Times. It only happens once a year. Pick and choose from so many great events. There is definitely something for everyone. For a full list of events, visit

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